Team Oberdeck

Spring Break – Zoo Day

Shortly following Evelyn’s Spring Party came the amazing Spring Break.  We considered making a last minute trip to the Midwest, but instead opted for a lazy week in Seattle.  The weather was stellar and we filled the week with some out-of-the-ordinary activities, as well as some epic pajama time.  Happiness!  First up – a trip to the zoo to see the new lion cubs.  They’d JUST come out from their den the week that Claire arrived – we were supposed to go see them….but we were a bit delayed.  They’re still adorable – no worries.


All the animals in the zoo, and she just wants to climb the trees.  Monkey.Zoo040213.004 Evelyn picked out Claire’s outfit for Zoo Day:  Pooh Bear gown, Monkey swaddle blanket, Giraffe hat, Giraffe booties, and Lion blanket for the car.  Zoo040213.008

I still find the wolves to be awfully impressive.  They’ve always looked a bit mangy in other zoos – here they look content.  Very.  Content.

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