Team Oberdeck

Spring Break – Baking

Did I say we had some low-key time for Spring Break?  We did.  Apples are cheap right now, but I’m apple-d out.  It was time to reach for the last resort – baking.  I’m a terrible baker.  Directions just aren’t my thing.  Thank you, Pinterest, for this quick & easy dessert that we made using a pre-fab pie crust.  It wasn’t the most delicious thing I’d ever eaten, by far, but Evelyn did the measuring & braiding.  That made it a success.  Put a little ice cream on top and it’s just about perfect.  DSC_7625 “But Mom, I really need to test the sugar to make sure it’s still good”DSC_7629 DSC_7632 DSC_7636 DSC_7637 DSC_7639 When Andrew came home from work, this is how he found me…..both kids about to pass out on my lap.  Yes.  Glamorous, I know.  But I’m happy 🙂  DSC_7641

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