Team Oberdeck

Spring Break – The Mall

Ah, yes.  Girls’ Day Out.  Of course we wound up at the mall!!!

It was Tuesday and Evelyn was supposed to have ballet class.  Well, I was also supposed to look at the schedule and know that they ALSO have a spring break.  IMG_2782

Hrmph.  So, all tutu-ed up and no where to go, we went to the mall in the University area of town.  It was a beautiful day with a whole lot of nothing planned – why not hit the outdoor shopping center?!  IMG_2783


I found a story time in Pottery Barn Kids (which I really don’t recommend as E found about 12 new things she has to have instead of listening to the story), a great play area (that is actually covered for rainy afternoons), a few awesome shops that I may venture back to some day – including a garden shop (In the MALL!  I know!)…..all in all a great day.  IMG_2784

I wound up taking E out for Conveyor Belt Sushi as an extra special treat on the proviso that she agreed to try one new thing.  As the food went by our booth, she watched and waited….and pounced on some salmon nigiri.  She devoured it and has been eating salmon happily ever since.  She now eats a full meal at Japanese restaurants – edamame, soups, salmon and/or shrimp, and whatever dessert you want to throw her way.IMG_2785


In this case, a cupcake won the distinction.  I think it’s all about the sprinkles for this princess.

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