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We knew in moving out here that time with family would be more sporadic.  We knew we’d be giving up some of our travel time to new destinations for trips back “home”.  *What does that word mean, anyway?!*  We didn’t expect to bring a new baby home so quickly and it never occurred to us that we’d be coming back to play Pass The Baby so soon after moving.

We took a whirlwind trip through the midwest last week and I’m excited to share lots of pics…..but I’m running up on the dinner bell right now and still need to mow the lawn…..but I just can’t wait to share this one.

This is my family.  My entire nuclear family.  The only person missing is my husband (Shaking Fist At Sky).  It’s really rare for all of my siblings to be in one place at the same time.  We laughed at mom for wanting a photo of us all soooooo badly……but I’ll let you in on a little secret………I wanted one, too.  (OK.  They knew it just as well as I did.)  Thanks for smiling for one shot, folks.

It was a lovely vacation.  The kind of trip that’s so short and sweet it makes you wonder what was ever “wrong” with living there in the first place.  Then you remember that nothing was really “wrong” – but adventure called – and “real life” didn’t actually look like that.

A special thanks to my sister’s boyfriend who took the photo for us.  He didn’t cut anyone’s head or arms off – he held the camera level and managed to take enough that a good one came out.  This may sound simple, but believe me – It’s NOT.  I have gotten some pretty terrible results from asking others to take a photo with my camera.

Happy early mother’s day, Mom.  To the rest of my family, Until Next Time……wheel side down 😉

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One thought on ““Vacation”

  1. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    What a great picture! Remembering back to other pictures, and the family at different ages-ah good times.

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