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Seeing Stars

Waaaaaay back – years ago – in planning for our first trip out to the PacNW – I read the most magical word – – – tide pools.

Just captures your fancy, right?

Tiny pools left behind when the tide rolls out, leaving little critters of all shapes and sizes in the crevices…..what’s not to love?  But after three trips up here, I still hadn’t visited any tide pools.

My sister-in-law pointed out that some of the local parks have naturalists that lead expeditions for kiddos through the tide pools.  Sold.  A few weekends ago the stars aligned and we had some free time while the tide was out AND a guided walk was scheduled.

The tour was done in a very PacNW style – sort of a – – – “we’ll do our thing and find lots of critters – you’re welcome to come with us or take off on your own at any time.  If you have questions, feel free to ask, but you can also just do your own thing.”  Love it.  Evelyn ducked in and out of the group in her froggy boots, splashing in the sound and oogling anemones in turn.

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One thought on “Seeing Stars

  1. Rosanna on said:

    Tide Pools were one of my favorite things when I lived in California!

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