Team Oberdeck

Happy Birthday, Grandma Great!

OK – on to our whirlwind Midwest Adventures.  I’m going to work my way backwards because that’s how it’s in my head right now.

We ended our week in Milwaukee as a family.  Andrew had joined us midway through the week and it was a huge relief to have him around – – – while I can manage the girls on my own, it’s a beautiful thing when he’s there to help.  I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have a husband that is self-sufficient at caring for our kiddos and is truly helpful.


Our trip extended over Andrew’s grandmother’s birthday.  His mom put together a small gathering so people could celebrate with her and we managed to get all the great grandkids together at once.  I wasn’t able to get a shot of everyone together, but I know that others did, so it is documented somewhere 🙂

This was the roughest day of the trip for me.  I’d already done so much traveling on my own with the girls – I was just exhausted – and after a week of playing Pass The Baby, I honestly missed cuddling with my littlest girl.  If there is anything I regret about the trip, it’s that I didn’t catch up with more family at the party.  I kinda pooped out in the sun on the porch, but I did get some quality conversation in with some folks out there.  So, to the extended family, sorry about that – but it was needed for my sanity.  It was great to see each of your faces 🙂

And, I did capture this lovely shot of Grandma Great with Claire.  It makes me happy when I can get moments like this.

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