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Cardinal Nation : StL

At some point in “planning” (a loosely defined word) our trip to the midwest, I realized that the Cardinals would be playing in St Louis while I was in town…..and they’d be traveling to Milwaukee at the same time I’d be there.  This told me one thing.

I needed tickets.

My parents were awesome and managed to work a trip to Busch Stadium into the few days I was around.  The girls did great – a giant bag of cotton candy occupied Evelyn for about four innings, and my brother & sister kept her laughing through the rest (or vice versa – hard to tell).  Andrew and I have always taken the time to note others wearing Cardinal paraphernalia.  Cards fans are everywhere.  It’s a joy to be part of the Nation.

This whole trip was planning so that my dad could meet his new granddaughter.  It turned into much more, but that was the catalyst, and I think getting them together for a day at the game couldn’t have been more perfect.

While in town I was also able to meet up with one of my aunts & uncles and introduce Claire.  I lucked out in getting to spend time with them, my dad, my brother and his girlfriend – all of whom are so very busy and still made time for us.

It’s strange in going “home” – people tell me all the time, “next time you’re home we’ll….”  I get it.  I call lots of places ‘home’.  But very few and very specific places have those attachments.  It’s been ten years since I lived in Missouri – you can imagine how much has changed both in the St Louis area and in the little town where I grew up.  “Downtown” is now a fading (sadly) historic area – the center of life is the Walmart across town.  Pockets of St Louis that became so familiar in college visiting Andrew are more “homey” than my hometown.  At the same time, certain parks – buildings – even stretches of road – views that remain the same and still hit a chord after a rainstorm, during  a sunset, etc…..these are the places I like to visit.  Busch Stadium is a strange phenomenon as it was rebuilt in 2006 and I’ve only been a handful of times….but being engulfed in a sea of red is SO homey that it still brings back all the happiness of childhood.  I’ve traveled a bit in my day and am happy to know that Cardinal Nation stretches everywhere.  Woot.  🙂

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