Team Oberdeck

Three Months

Sweet Claire has hit her 3 month milestone.  Where has the time gone?!

While at times it’s hard not to compare the girls against each other, I’m also terrible at remembering exactly when things happened – I can’t tell you when Evelyn first smiled unless I go look it up, and really, when am I going to take the time for that?!  I remember stories and places – like how she took her first steps in Battery Park, which was right at the 11 month mark – and little things, like her “Power Stripe” of hair, and I remember the snuggles.

Claire snuggles are just as warm and squishy and full of happiness.  Promise.

At 3 months she’s just getting out of newborn clothes and into 0-3, though she has a sizeable noggin.  I think her brain accounts for most of her weight.  She’s petite with big shiny eyes and the most adorable little rolls on her legs.  She’s even got finger dimples.  Love!  She’s super observant and continues to engage in staring contests with anything around her – adults, kids, the cat, the wall….you name it.  She wants to take it all in.  She loves it when Evelyn reads to her and watches the pictures during our evening story time, kicking her little legs when the story gets really exciting or scary.

She’s been blowing raspberries and grabbing her toes – she pulls both feet up and rolls to both sides, but isn’t anywhere near rolling over yet.  (Whew!!)  She can roll from front to back on a padded surface, but I think it’s usually by accident rather than willpower.  She holds toys and shakes rattles, but her favorite pasttime (besides the obvious eat-sleep-poop cycle) is chewing her blankets.  Everything goes in the mouth already.

She smiles often and rarely complains.  She wakes up pretty content, gives a fair lead in to getting hungry, and then plays before sleeping again.  Occasionally she needs some help drifting off – a nook, some rocking, etc – but she’s an amazingly calm baby.  I know that having the “experience” of one kid helps me be more laid back, but truly – I had no idea babies came like this.

We’ve warned her that if she wants to be heard she’s going to have to speak up, and to that end she’s starting to babble.  It’s still rare, or perhaps I’m just not hearing her over the steady stream coming from Evelyn.  She loves music – singing her to her elicits a smile almost every time.  She giggles and chuckles but is still working on those fully belly laughs.

Thankfully we’ve found Claire an age-buddy.  Visiting with Megan and her mama gives me a chance to check on Claire’s development (not to compare, exactly, just to exchange notes).  Last week we put the girls on the mat next to each other and they actually saw each other.  Before we know it they’ll be having full on play dates!   Baby steps 🙂

Some photos – – – – you know I can’t resist – – – –

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