Team Oberdeck

Unavoidable Comparisons

Just can’t help it.  When you have two girls, it’s just about impossible not to compare one to the other.

Even if they aren’t biologically related.

So – – – – for your viewing entertainment – – – – some side by side comparisons.

Evelyn & Claire, both at 3 mos.  2 4x6





The girls, wearing the SAME onesie on the SAME blanket with the SAME headband.  Good grief.  Claire was quite a bit older than Evelyn was, though.  At least three weeks.

2 4x6

By the way – a side note to all those who ask me, “What kind of camera do you have?  I want to take pictures like you!”  The above side-by-side was taken with the exact same camera.  I just learned to use it.  The top was on Auto mode.  The bottom with Manual.  And don’t get all “she just photoshopped….”  Nope.  I sharpen and that’s about it on my own photos.  If it’s no good SOOC, I don’t have time to mess with it.

Enough ranty.  More cute kids.  This time in the sling.  And no comments from the peanut gallery on how I’ve changed.  That’s all in your imagination.  😉

2 4x6


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