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Watching Week

It’s been a bang-up week around here already…..and it’s on Tuesday.  Sheesh.  Evelyn  cracked her head in a most spectacular fashion on Sunday afternoon, giving her a beautifully black&blue nose.  Just in time for……

Watch Week.

aka Ballet Recital.  That’s right, I put my little girl in a sweet pink tutu and leotard and have her prance around the room.  It’s a beautiful, frilly, completely girly thing.  I owe my own dance teacher so much – she is the reason I don’t fall over my own feet more often – and I figured we might as well get Evelyn started.  Turns out, she loves it.  Instead of gearing the kids up for a recital (the class consists of 3 & 4 year olds), they have a designated week where we can invite people to come watch class.  Other weeks they are tucked into the room sans parentals (though we can peek through the sheers on the windows).  It seems to help more timid kids when they don’t see their parents all the time.  Not having a timid kid, I can only imagine that this works well – the kids all get along great and have learned a lot!  BalletClass06032013.18 BalletClass06032013.20

For me, watch week helped put together all the pieces of what I’ve been hearing about.  “We were motorcycles today!”  “My leaf froze in the water.  Bummer.”  “I’m an excellent soldier.  Miss Annie says so.”  ???  BalletClass06032013.15

Here’s the first dance they did as we were ushered into the room and shown seats:  

You’ll hear Claire snarfling through most of the videos.  Poor Claire was just at the doctor the day before with some bronchitis issues.  She was a pretty sick little kiddo, but she’s been perking up quickly since getting medication.  We followed class with a looooong nap at home, but she really enjoyed watching the girls dance, too.  I see another tutu in my not-too-distant future……BalletClass06032013.19

Then the kids got to pick a favorite dance to show us and they demonstrated some of their new moves.  It seems they all love Story Time the best, and this Leaf Dance was one of Evelyn’s favorites:

The kids are learning a little bit about choreography, too – this is their Brain Dance, which involved using their brains.  Clever.  They had to work together with their partners – poor Evelyn’s partner was a bit better at following directions….but she was good natured about it 🙂BalletClass06032013.09

And, finally, in case you forgot this was technically a Ballet Class, they did work on some ballet basics.  

While she may not be a future ballerina (just guessing here), I don’t think anyone in the class had more fun.  She had a wonderful time and her teacher was fantastic.  We’ve signed her up again for the summer.  I can’t wait to see what comes next!  BalletClass06032013.28


(taking a well-deserved bow)

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2 thoughts on “Watching Week

  1. jo phinney on said:

    Love the dance class!!!

  2. ginny oberdeck on said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Angie! I love how you strive to keep us all in touch with your wondeful famiy!

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