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Lovely Day

Part of our new mission in life is to stop worrying so much – stop trying to do so much – stop trying to “get” so much – and just enjoy ourselves.

It’s really tough.

But when it works – – – it’s amazing.  It’s worth everything.

We’ve been trying to leave one Saturday per month with nothing planned.  Last weekend the weather was stellar and we got outside for most of the day.  Andrew took Evelyn for some one-on-one time to the giant park down the street.  They walked, chatted, and wound up in a kayak for awhile.  Evelyn is now hooked on kayaking, by the way.  She has offered to row while I hold Claire so I can enjoy it, too.  How thoughtful.

When Claire and I joined them (after a loooong hot shower, a nap, and a snack) we did some more walking / hiking, just to try and explore the park.  There are still loads of parts to the park that we haven’t seen.  Evelyn was tired, but in all she managed to walk over 3.5 miles.

LovelyWeekend06012013.10 LovelyWeekend06012013.08 LovelyWeekend06012013.11 LovelyWeekend06012013.03

Andrew and I decided that such a beautiful day called for an afternoon beer, so we piled the girls in the car and drove up to Red Hook Brewery, which has been on the Things To Do list for awhile.  Turns out we can ride our bikes all the way there from our house with very little trouble – someone conveniently put a trail in that’s practically door-to-door.  The girls slept in the car and woke up famished, just in time to eat.  Happiness.  LovelyWeekend06012013.14 LovelyWeekend06012013.13 LovelyWeekend06012013.19 LovelyWeekend06012013.22 LovelyWeekend06012013.26

We capped off the day with a trip to a “new” playground – we’d been there once before on vacation – where we got the bonus of watching sea planes land.  Evelyn had been asking all sorts of questions during the kayak ride about sea planes, so she was thrilled.  I found some wildlife and Claire pretty much slept through the whole thing 🙂  LovelyWeekend06012013.37 LovelyWeekend06012013.36 LovelyWeekend06012013.33 LovelyWeekend06012013.32 LovelyWeekend06012013.30

Our lovely Saturday was bookended with two great outings at friends’ houses – one getting to know Andrew’s new coworkers a bit better, the other spending time with some great folks around a “BBQ” (even though a lack of grill heat moved the cooking indoors).  Sunshine – friends – family – naps – good food – – – hard to complain about a weekend like that!

StevensonBBQ020616 StevensonBBQ020608 StevensonBBQ020606 StevensonBBQ020602StevensonBBQ020620 StevensonBBQ020618

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One thought on “Lovely Day

  1. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    That dog by Claire looks so mellow. I wonder how Chester would be…

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