Team Oberdeck

Twin Falls

Last weekend we got a new book about hiking with kids in western Washington – oh boy – we were so excited!!!  *this is also the pitfall of joining a church where we can drop Evie off at Sunday school then pop down to the bookshop for chocolate croissants & browsing*

We completed our first hike from the book and it was S.T.E.L.L.A.R.  Best one yet, I’d say.  While the whole trail is over 5mi, the waterfalls are just 1.5 miles in, making it a quick 3mi jaunt.  *Quick is a relative term*  Evelyn, the amazing trooper that she is, did the whole thing by herself.  This included a 300′ elevation change, which is no small feat for a three year old.  Even I was winded on some ascents….though I was also carrying a growing Claire.

Claire, by the way, also seemed to enjoy the trip.  She was awake for most of it, smiling at the family and passersby, and was reaching for leaves / sticks / etc when they passed near her.  We couldn’t have asked her for more – she ate before we started, enjoyed the ride for the first 3/4, then suddenly I felt her go dead weight as she drifted to sleep in the sling for the last bit.  She’s amazing.

Here’s the really fun part of the hike – we started out at 4:30pm.  I’m serious.  No joking.  It’s amazing how long it stays light this time of year, and we fully utilized the extra hours.  Evelyn snacked on apples & granola bars & a PBJ, which got her through the hike, and we grabbed a super late dinner on the way home.  It was awesome.  Routines are fine and dandy and totally necessary, but I love it when we can toss them out the windows and scrap together something random and awesome.  It’s always a gamble – there is always the possibility for epic failure – but we go with the Power of Positive Attitude and cross our fingers.  Sometimes it even works out.  🙂

Enjoy the pics!

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