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Baby’s First Antibiotics

I had to take Sweet Claire in to the doctor the other day.  The poor little love has been valiantly battling off whatever her adoring germ-factory sister has thrown her way, but this one finally got the best of her, and she ended up with something along the lines of bronchitis.

I remember that Evelyn came down with The RSV (it was much discussed at my mommy groups at the time) at around 6mos.  I remember that sickness being much worse and lasting much longer.  Claire’s came on really quickly and is dissipating just as fast.

She was given a nebulizer treatment, but because the finger-tip oxygen monitor (you all know what this thing is, right?  I don’t know technical terms) was too big for Claire and they sent me to Children’s Hospital to make sure she was alright.  They also got an industrial strength nose-sucker-thingy which made all the difference.  Some pedialyte, a few tests, some hysterics from a worried big sister, and a lot of TLC later, we were on our way home again.  Just a note – Seattle Children’s Hospital is amazing.  Top notch.  Not that you should put it on your sight-seeing agenda, but good to know.

Tomorrow is her last day of antibiotics.  With the boost of a humidifier, some vapor rub on the feet, and joining me in the bathroom for extra steamy showers, she’s doing great.

I even got a belly laugh yesterday.  First one.  *Happy*


*Side note – I had to take Claire in the day after Evelyn slid head-first into a 4×4 pole.  It’s always awesome to try and explain all the injuries and illnesses in a hospital setting.  Sheesh.

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