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Hello, thumb.

Claire has located her appendages.  Hands, feet, thumbs, toes – you name it, she’s located it.

She’s always been a fan of the pacifier, but I already know that keeping on hand is not my forte.  I’m the queen of losing things, at least temporarily, and the idea of having a kid so attached to a specific something to get to sleep is terrifying.  I remember some of the fits my sisters threw when a specific lion rattle or yellow binky went missing.  EPIC.

Yes, girls, I’m calling you out.  Hopefully you’ve learned to self-soothe in the last two decades.

Lately Claire is changing in her bink for her thumb.  She still has trouble when she overtired – the thumb makes awkward passes at her eyes or cheeks or nose sometimes – but if she wants to trade in the pacifier for her travel-friendly one-of-a-kind right thumb, I’m good with that.

And as for the “you’re going to regret this when she gets older” gobbledy gook, well, you may be right.  There are LOTS of things I’m sure I’ll regret when she’s older.  We expect both kids to have orthodontics and glasses and all manner of other things already.  Most kids do these days.

She’s just too cute, though.  One minute she’s getting a little fussy….the next she’s gotten herself to sleep.  She’s amazing.  TwinFalls06122013.52

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One thought on “Hello, thumb.

  1. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    I imagine, that she won’t need that thumb forever. Like you said, she may need orthodontia, but who knows. Most kids don’t need thumbs to self-soothe forever. So I imagine if orthodontia is needed, it will be for more than just using her thumb to self-soothe.

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