Team Oberdeck

It’s Hot.

I am not complaining.  I’m not.  I’m perfectly content to hang out on our breezy back porch during this Seattle Style Heat Wave.  Unfortunately, sweet Claire is not yet able to wear sunscreen, so we’re stuck hiding in the shadows.  It’s getting a bit tedious, but we’re still holding our own.

This afternoon we broke up the day by pulling out this trick from Pinterest.AtHome07012013.01  (This one is pretty hard to screw up, but I do recommend protective eye wear.)AtHome07012013.02

Evelyn has been super interested in dinosaurs – science – archeology – and just digging in general, so I figured it was a sure hit.  It’s been going for two hours now…..still chipping away…..AtHome07012013.00

Claire thought it was fun, too.  I moved her swing on the porch to get her some air. I actually got some video of her laughing.  It’s still a very rare thing for her – she’s free with her smiles, but holds her laughs close.  Mostly they’re reserved for her sister.  If you see some redness on her face, she got to lick her sister’s watermelon popsicle, too (pediatrician approved, not to worry).  First taste of watermelon.  She’s a fan 🙂

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