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We have aphids.  The nasty kind that eat up apple trees.  (Is there another kind?)  We have thoroughly enjoyed the transition from condo-owners to homeowners, as this time it includes a yard.  Yard upkeep, however, is a bit mystifying.  We’re working on rectifying some situations, but as we don’t really get “winter”, we also don’t really get a “forget about your yard” season.

So we have aphids.  They’re out of control.  Or so my husband tells me.

Which is why Evelyn and I got to take a lovely Mother Daughter Outing to the most interesting nursery / plant center I’ve been to yet, over in Fremont, to buy ladybugs.  Yes, we did.

Bonus:  seeing dino-shaped shrubbery and popping in the chocolate factory across the street for samples.

Per the instructions, I tucked the little ladybugs away in the fridge until dusk.  Then we watered down the tree and set them out, watching them scurry up for water/food (aphids).  The goal is to have them lay eggs on the tree before flying away… the babies, who can’t fly yet but are VERY hungry, will stick around to eat up all the aphids.

I love having ladybugs in the yard.  Saw a few around today.  I have no idea if it will help, but it was worth a try!

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