Team Oberdeck

Franklin Falls

We really had some wonderful Family Time in June.  The weather has been uncharacteristically stellar and we’ve been taking advantage of it.  Saturdays are spent working around the house / lounging in PJs, while Sundays we spend exploring the area and/or visiting friends.  It’s been awesome.

A few weeks ago it was actually HOT in Seattle.  Not just hot, but even a little STICKY.  Yuck.  I don’t miss humidity.  Since the entire city doesn’t have a/c, we are all left to sort out how to handle it.  I love that the city is pretty much the same temperature throughout – I’ve always hated going in and out of a/c.  Gave me headaches.  I’d rather just sweat it out….to a point.  By Day 2 the new temps had become standard issue for us.

Andrew, however, DOES  work in a temperature controlled office all day.  Coming home to a piping hot house wasn’t ideal.  We decided to beat the heat and head to the mountains.  Enter Franklin Falls.  We wanted to try this one out and see if it would be Friends With Kids Friendly.  It certainly is.  It’s lovely – following a river, plenty of rapids, with a very gradual ascent to a really pretty waterfall.  My understanding is that it’s usually just a trickle with a wading pool at the bottom, ideal for kiddo splashing and picnicking.  Due to the rains we’d recently had, the water was crazy full.  There was no way Evelyn could get to the bottom, given how slippery and wet the rocks were.  It was impressive, though!  And we managed to find a safe spot to jump in the river a bit.  It was super cold and lovely, down river from the rapids, but still moving quickly.  Evelyn’s favorite part:  getting flipped upside down and dunked in the river.  Just don’t get her ears wet 🙂

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