Team Oberdeck

Camping – Part II

Day 2 we headed to the Hoh Rainforest to explore.  We had a very tired cookie on our hands so we didn’t see much…..but it didn’t disappoint.  If you like moss and trees and green stuff, that’s the place for you.  *I am one of those people*  It also gave Brad & Christy a chance to go on a real hike and stretch their legs.

Evelyn just wanted more smores.  “When can we Smore S’more??”

We took her to a ranger talk that evening about the kelp forests.  She seemed to have tried to make it a kid-friendly talk…..but had a long way to go.  Evelyn sort of paid attention, but when the ranger asked what some of the dangers to the kelp forests are she was quick with her answer, “T-Rexs.”  Thankfully Andrew was the only one who heard it, as I don’t think the ranger would have known what to do with her thoughtful-ish answer.

We also got 2 successful uses out of the dutch oven camping.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so well out of a tent.  But, I guess if you can’t hike much or surf or kayak, at least we can eat.  I’m great at that!

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