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Camping – Bonus Post

Surprise! Did you expect a 3rd installment? Me either! We thought we’d just head towards the ferry and pop on. End of story. But, of course, we had to go and be spontaneous. Especially when we saw this sign: CampingOlympicPeninsula07062013.47

I read the Twilight series to pass the time during my last weeks of pregnancy with Evelyn. I also found a great girl to go watch the movies with me in Milwaukee out of pure curiosity – they are terrible movies, but awesome in their terrible-ness. So of course we popped in to Forks and took a tour and saw the sights.

Nope. Not really. We cruised through the main drag and marveled at all the Twilight tourist trappings that still decorate the town and went on our way. Except that Evelyn needed to pee. We stopped at a touristy shop and she found the best entertainment in town….chickens. CampingOlympicPeninsula07062013.46

Post craft shop we continued on the long drive home. It really is astonishing how long it took – we were quite surprised at how BIG the peninsula is, and how many climates we passed through. We started in the Hoh, which gets an average of 140″ of rainfall each year, and soon after through Sequim, which only gets an average of 16″. Amazing. CampingOlympicPeninsula07062013.51



CampingOlympicPeninsula07062013.3 (2)

On our way to the ferry landing we realized we were within a few miles of the Dungeness Bay Spit, recommended to us a few times. Of course we had to stop and check it out. We haggled for a few miles over whether the kids could handle it, but like usual, we went for it. The spit is a 5ish mile long sandbar jutting out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We popped in at high tide, but at other points there is a huge sand bar for beach combing and walking. You can barely see the lighthouse at the end of the spit in some of the photos – you can go the whole way…..we literally took just a few steps in either direction. The surf was huge and strong and the beach bugs were multiplying before our eyes, so we just picked our way among the driftwood for a bit before getting back in the car. This will definitely be a great trip in the future – can’t wait until the girls are big enough to go exploring on their own among the logs and surf!

As we finally approached the Kingston ferry landing, we learned there was a 2+ hour backup to get on a boat. Bummer. Holiday+beautiful weather+Seattle traffic = BLARGH! Some quick thinking had us detoured to Bainbridge where we missed the boat by 10 minutes. We were the second car to get on the next ferry, only because the ambulance got priority. Waiting for a ferry isn’t ever “fun”, per say, especially when it’s already well past dinner time, but we did alright. Once on the boat everyone was happy as a ferry ride eases tension for all of us. We called in an order for Thai food and headed back to home sweet home.

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One thought on “Camping – Bonus Post

  1. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    Wow, looks like a great trip. You’re right, when the girls are old enough to explore, they will love it in a whole new way!

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