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Our oldest is four years old today.  Such awesomeness.  She’s an amazing kid – we are truly lucky to have her around.

In our house we do “Birthday Week.”  It’s a small way of couching the fact that we often see lots of people on different days to celebrate in different ways, rather than one big All Or Nothing party.  The party thing just doesn’t jive with our style.

Yes.  I did just type that last sentence.

As she’s gotten older, we also just use it as a way to give her small extra special treats – spoil her rotten, if you will.  Perhaps its a cake pop after grocery shopping.  Or maybe a spontaneous trip to the park with some kites.  Sometimes it’s as simple as getting two popsicles instead of one.  Today it’s a Skype with Nana & Papa Hank, then an outing with Gigi & Papa John.  And often it’s using the same stuff we typically do, but putting Birthday Week on it makes it sound a 1000 times more fun.  “It’s Birthday Week Sprinkler On The Lawn Day!”  It’s the same as last week, but she’s happy, and she *might* be learning to enjoy the small celebrations, too – not just the BalloonsCakeIceCreamFriendsPresentsPaLooZa.  Those are awesome, too.  I like that she can “celebrate” just as well in the quiet moments, and can find enjoyment even in the down time between parties.    It’s usually in those quiet moments when we can really let her know how special she is.

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