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Crazy?! I went crazy once…..

Our dear friends were visiting a few weeks ago, which involved a number of car trips with multiple almost-4-year-olds in the backs of vehicles.  It took some creative thinking to keep them entertained.

One friend taught them the following circular story…..and Evelyn hasn’t stopped repeating it…..actual words below…..

“crazy?!  I went crazy once.  they put me in a room.  the room had holes in the walls.  worms came through the holes.  worms make me crazy.  Crazy?!  i went crazy once. they put me in a room.  the room had holes in the walls………”

What a goof.


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2 thoughts on “Crazy?! I went crazy once…..

  1. THAT IS A RIOT!!! Her inflection is fabulous… could be a baptist preacher. I’m giggling my head off, thanks for the laugh!

  2. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    Oh my goodness, love it!

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