Team Oberdeck

Birthday Party

I hemmed & hawed this year.  Most of Evelyn new friends were out of town over her birthday, so it was really difficult to decide on how to celebrate with her.  All she wanted to do was go to a park with her friends – sorta like last year, which was my favorite party ever.  It just wasn’t going to work out.  With people in and out of town, work schedules and school schedules, and all the extras…….we did a simple backyard bbq instead.

It turned out that the only day Claire’s biological family could meet Andrew’s family was on Evelyn’s actual birthday.  That’s a party in itself.  Add a few of Evelyn’s friends into the mix and a good time was sure to come out, right?

Well, Evelyn sure thought so.  She had a great day and cried when the last guests went home, even though Gigi & Papa John were staying over.  She was too beside herself to comprehend that they weren’t headed out of town, too.

I wanted to do something a little more special for her – a surprise that even she didn’t know about – so I didn’t let her help with the cake.  Remember that Princess Cupcake Cookbook my mom gifted her awhile back?  There is a full cake towards the back that she’s been asking to make for years.  Or months.  I dunno.  It felt like a looooooong time.  So I made it for her birthday – – – and it turned out to be quite fun.  I got a major sugar rush while icing it and my fingers were totally blue from the icing.  🙂  All good things.

Thanks to all who made it, who called, who sent things or emailed or even just thought of her.  She’s a very special little girl who makes our lives brighter and we love to shower attention on her every year.

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