Team Oberdeck

The Earth Moves Around The Sun

For months Evelyn has been asking to go to school on her birthday.  She loves the birthday tradition there and was SO excited to have it be about her.

This is pulled from a note to the parents, “Birthdays in a Montessori classroom are celebrated with a unique ritual that reminds children they are part of a the universe – that they move with the world in a journey around the sun every year of their lives.”  I loved it.  After her birthday bonanza the day before, complete with sugar shakes & present fever, this was a welcome change of pace.

She held a globe.  The children sang a song about how the earth moves around the sun each year.  After each cycle, Andrew and I got to show a picture and talk about how Evelyn had grown & changed in that year.  It was awesome to put it in such a perspective.  We also read the book, “On the day you were born”, which talks about how the earth plays a part in your life and you play a part on earth.   Then came her favorite part – they sang their special birthday song to her.

Then we had cupcakes.  Froggie cupcakes, to be exact.

And then they broke out the water slides for outdoor play time / sugar burning period.  She has a great school and wonderful teachers.  We lucked out 🙂

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