Team Oberdeck


A few weekends ago Andrew came down with a fever.  Full blown, on the couch, can’t move, can’t do anything but sleep fever.  It was awful.  I had to ask him to watch the girls for a photo session and when I got back he was immobile.

In order to keep the girls out of his hair for a bit we did an extended grocery shopping trip, a visit to the playground, and took a much anticipated trip to the Blueberry Farm.  Blueberries have been Evelyn’s favorite food for years – she loves them because they are tiny, like her, and blue, her favorite color.  And they’re delicious.

Two things I didn’t realize about blueberry picking:  1, they grow in WET soil.  My shoes were soaked after 20 minutes.  Should’ve worn galoshes.  2, it takes FOREVER to pick blueberries.  Those darn berries are so stinkin tiny that it takes waaaaay longer than my attention span to collect a worthwhile amount.  It doesn’t help when your “helper” eats three for every one that goes in the bucket.

I didn’t mind her eating them.  Of course she should eat them.  But I was ready to move on with my day.

We hit up the Mercer Slough Blueberry Patch, which is interesting because it’s right in the middle of Bellevue.  You get skylines above the bushes on most sides.  Kinda cool.  Also, it enabled me to avoid a full day excursion to the “Family Friendly” farms that include petting zoos, face painting, etc…..which are fun, too, but involve more of a time commitment than I had that day.  This was perfect for my slot that afternoon – it cost us $4 and we got 2lbs of blueberries (finally)….probably 2.5 if you count what Evelyn ate.  AND I didn’t have to feed her again for awhile!  Bonus!

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