Team Oberdeck

The Faces of Claire

Just a few photos to give a little more of Claire’s emerging character… She keeps us laughing 🙂

Hello, Mama!ClaireFaces08022013 (5)

Oh, got the camera out again, huh?ClaireFaces08022013 (6)

Let me make some faces for you, OK?  ClaireFaces08022013 (9)

I SAID OK??  ANSWER ME!!!ClaireFaces08022013 (12)

Ooooooooo…..  Toy……ClaireFaces08022013 (15)

OMG.  You’re still here.   ClaireFaces08022013 (18)

Hey.  I’ve got an idea.  Can I poke at that thing a bit?  ClaireFaces08022013 (20)

Whaddya mean, no?!  ClaireFaces08022013 (23)

Oh Oh Oh!  The toy is back!  I want it!  I want it!  ClaireFaces08022013 (24)

HAHAHAHA – Mama, you’re so funny.  ClaireFaces08022013 (26)

Here comes that toy….it’s gonna be mine for ever and ever and ever…..ClaireFaces08022013 (27)









Aww Man!  Totally thought I had that one.  I “grasped” and everything.  ClaireFaces08022013 (29)

These “hand” things of mine are defective.  I want new ones.  ClaireFaces08022013 (32)

Oh.  You picked it up for me, huh.  That’s swell.  You’re the best.   ClaireFaces08022013 (33)




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