Team Oberdeck

First Field Trip

Last week Evelyn took her first field trip with her school.  It was far more low-key than I expected, happily.  We basically agreed to meet in the same place at the beginning and for lunch.  In the middle each parent explored the museum with their respective kid.  No pressure to get kids to pay attention or stay together….happy me 🙂

My two little sea lovers were joined by one of Evelyn’s friends on the trip.  There were lots of ways this could have gone VERY wrong…..but these two together are amazing.  Just the right combination of Gas Pedal and Brakes.  Between them they ask questions, explore the exhibits, and ponder life’s great dilemmas (like why do salmon go upstream?  because exercise is good for you, of course), but don’t get out of hand.  They were great listeners and I even managed to feed Claire and keep them all in the same room at the same time.  Evelyn even ATE HER LUNCH.  Anyone who’s met her knows what a special treat that was for this Mama….eating in public?  with other kids around??  are you kidding me?!  A little help from some of the other parents packing up, some stellar independent kiddos in the restrooms, a fantastic museum, and we all had fun.  On the way back to the car we passed through a nifty little artisan market.  Evelyn’s friend showed her a favorite game of pretending to do all the things she’s not allowed, so they walked through each stand “pretending” to buy all the things.  The artisans <mostly> got a kick out of them.

I even managed to take some photos of the goofballs.  Enjoy!

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