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Usually I pepper the summer posts with updates from my garden.  Wanna know what’s growing in my garden this year????  A whole lotta nothing.  Zip.  We got lots of sprouts, but then everything stagnated.  I still don’t really know what happened. We have managed to pick bunches of peas, two dinners of green beans, 2 zucchini, a couple of medium sized tomatoes, and a handful of cherry tomatoes.  We might get a few carrots in the fall.  That’s it.  Pitiful.  We moved into a place that had three raised beds already installed, and I thought “Great!  Perfect!  Ready to go!”  Not so much.  They are badly installed in poor locations.  Andrew and I have some plans for fixing them this spring….but they involve the sort of hard work that makes me groan.  Ugh.

We hold that the main focus for our garden is to teach the girls more about where their food comes from, a respect for nature, and build an enthusiasm (we hope!) for good food and beautiful plants.  Evelyn loves looking at bugs and has grown tremendously in the last few years – two years ago she ran away from my dad shrieking over a worm.  This year she digs them up herself, along with spiders, pill bugs, slugs, and lots of other creepy crawlies.

We have some lovely landscaped beds that need work, but have some good bones.  I’ve attached some photos of the summertime pretties coming up.

We still have a lot to learn about gardening in the PacNW, though.  We actually had someone from an amazing local organization come out and go through the yard with us – discussing ideas we had and giving green lights / cautions for us, identifying plants, giving tips on caring for trees & shrubs & plants, identifying weeds – it was amazing.  For example, she informed us that there are municipal codes here that protect trees from being cut down from private property.  Only in Seattle.  AND, there are amnesty programs, helping plants find new homes if they need to be removed – like the foster programs for dogs, if you will.   She was a trove of information.  Plants behave so differently here.  For example, while weeding this evening I noticed our hyacinth bulbs are sprouting again…..for a second blooming?  Can that be?!  How lovely, and most unexpected!!

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  1. You need some good old fashioned Midwestern dirt.

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