Team Oberdeck

Eastern Washington

We are really lucky that we’ve already been befriended by some awesome people in Seattle.  For Labor Day we received an invitation to join some friends as they visited their parents in in Eastern Washington for their county fair & rodeo.

They had me a rodeo.

We both met Andy in undergrad – he is one of the few people who knew us before we were Team Oberdeck, as he knew Andrew for awhile, then met me after Andrew graduated (while we were long-distance….cringe….).  It was awesome to reconnect with him and his wife, upon moving to Seattle, and now to see their brand new daughter.  That was fun, too – – – we were so excited to meet Megan, but when we finally got a chance to call after Megan’s birth, we got to share news that we’d had a baby, too!  Claire and Megan are less than two weeks apart.  Megan is a chatterbox, mastering loads of sounds with a big bright smile on her face.  Claire is a bit more reserved, but is very observant and moving around like crazy.  It’s awesome to watch them interact, as they’ve just begun to notice each other (read: Claire is rolling over to chew on Megan’s knees).

We had a lovely weekend.  It was super hot over there (upper 90s!) which felt awesome.  We enjoyed a beautiful back porch with some of Andy’s home brew and plenty of wildlife.  Evelyn hiked on trails made by Andy’s dad years ago while Andy’s mom fed us all an obscene amount of delicious food.  Fresh tomatoes.  Corn picked that afternoon.  SnoCones and Kiddie Rides at the fairgrounds.  Just what we needed for some relaxing family fun.

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