Team Oberdeck

6 Months

Claire hit her six month mark….about a month ago 🙂  Yup – she’s six months.  She’s absolutely amazing.  She’s easy going and good natured – very content to hang out with you, whatever your game may be.  She’s usually got a happy look on her face, but she reserves her full-on smile for rare occasions.  She laughs and is very ticklish, loves to eat, and is already handling finger foods quite well (eggs, tofu, puffs, etc) despite not having any teeth yet.  She’s a pro with veggies, fruits, and yogurt, but would really rather not eat her rice cereal.  (We mix it with her fruit now, but don’t spill the beans, OK?)  We love to have her at the dinner table with the family and she insists on contributing to the conversation already.  She has more and more to say, and sometimes it even sounds appropriate (a well-timed “UhHuh” or an inserted Raspberry, for instance).  She loves books and chewing things, but her favorite toy is – by far – her sister.

Evelyn has been reading to Claire a lot lately, but as Claire gets more mobile she’s also getting more curious about Evelyn’s hair – nose – toes – etc.  It’s fun to watch.  I’m sure the fighting will begin soon, so I’ll enjoy this stage as long as I can.

She’s also noticed friends of the 4 legged variety.  Our cat is an object of fascination, as well as the dogs of friends & family.

She’s growing really well – the pediatrician had nothing but good things to say about her height, weight, development, and interaction.  She’s at or just below the 50% percentile on all the charts except physicality – she was already sitting unassisted by 6mos and started inching forward a few days ago.  She’s belly crawling and trying to pull herself into a standing position now.

She’s an absolute joy.  She’s amazing.  She just keeps growing and learning and bounding ahead.  I’m so excited to see the person she’ll grow into!

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2 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. Nancy Lupardus-Twitchell on said:

    Silly question, what is physicality? It sounds like maybe she is ahead in that area-super exciting! It also sounds like Evelyn is enjoying being a big sister. Yea!

    • GoForOberdeck on said:

      I just sort of made up that word – yes – she is crawling early and is generally a very tough little chica. Trying to keep up with the big girls, I guess! It’s hard not to compare the girls – Evelyn was more expressive by this age, but Claire is much stronger. The girls are awesome together. We’ve gotten to that point where I can’t imagine not having them both around! Glad you keep up with us, Nancy. Hope we can catch up soon!

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