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Evelyn is four – it’s getting more and more interesting to hear her take on the world.  I try to respect her privacy and not overshare her personal thoughts on the blog.  They are hers to share as she wants – but I do want family & friends to know her and get a feel for how she’s growing, despite the distance.  In that vein, here’s a sample conversation of ours:

E:  Mom, what is God wearing today?    Me:  I have no idea.  What do you think?  E:  Probably a shirt with a collar.  That’s what dad wears.    Me:  Makes sense.   E:  I hope he’s wearing good enough church clothes, though.  <interesting, as I wear jeans and sweaters to church – dressing up in “Sunday Best” is definitely not something we worry about.>  And I think his pants have a button.  Mama, does God wear shoes?

E:  I am the boss of Claire, right?   Me:  Definitely not.  You are her big sister and she looks up to you – you can give her advice – but you are not her boss.  E:  But I’m still bigger than her, right?  And I can do more things than her?   Me:  Definitely.  That’ll be true for a long time.   E:  Well, then, I’m really angry with you.  Can we have a conversation about it?  (she learned this statement to address conflict at school)  Me:  Of course.  What’s up?   E:  You make me go to bed while Claire is still eating a bottle.  That means I sleep first.  I should go to bed after Claire because she’s a baby.  Me:  Well, the thing   E, interrupting:  Please don’t say that life isn’t fair, Mama.  YOu and daddy always say that.  Me:  Wanna know why we say that a lot?   E:  Because it’s true?

E:  (to random stranger) Excuse me.  EXCUSE ME.  Excuse me.  Can I pet your dog?   Stranger:  Sure!  E:  What’s your name?  Stranger:  His name is Astro.  E:  Excuse me, but I actually asked what is YOUR name.  Stranger:  Oh!  Um, well, my name is Kate.  Thanks for asking.  E:  I can’t have a dog.  Mama says that Claire has to poop in the potty before we can talk about it.  She said dogs are a lot of work.  She said I am, too.  Is your dog a lot of work?  Stranger:  Your mama is right.  Dogs are work.  I think a dog is a great for a 7 year old.  Are you 7?  E:  I’m 4.  I’ll be seven some day.  I’ll get a dog then.   Oh.  And the judge just told us we get to keep Claire forever.  Isn’t that great?  Stranger:  Uh, yes?  <<I clarified>>  Stranger:  Oh!  Wow!  That’s so exciting.  Yes, I think you should certainly wait a little bit to get a dog.  You should be at least seven or eight.  E:  Seven will be OK.  Thanks.  <<Thanks, random stranger.  She WILL remember this.>>

E:  So……everyone around here has a dog……..except me.  Why is that?    Me:  Not a chance.

Me:  What’d’ya do in school today?    E:  Oh….um…..I just can’t remember.  I can’t ever remember.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll ask Ms. Janet to teach me to remember.

Anyway.  It’s fun.  She’s a talk-out-loud kinda kid and is always discussing topics with her “kids” (she likes to pretend she’s a teacher, which tells me a LOT about how and what she’s learning in school).  Class is always in session in our house and it’s hard to remember that little faces with big brains are always watching.  <scary>

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  1. At least the random stranger bought you a couple of years, right? 🙂

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