Team Oberdeck

Deception Pass

I’m sorting through the digital stacks of photos that I’ve been shoving into a corner of my desktop today.  There are a lot.  It’s been an awesome month around here.  Trips & tours around the city, visits with friends & family, Claire’s baptism, Andrew’s birthday, and the current on-going excitement in my house:  Post Season Baseball.  WOOT!  

But anyway, with the idea of going back a little ways and catching up, here are some photos from a fantastic trip to Deception Pass State Park a few weeks ago.  Claire’s biological grandparents, Tim & Deary, along with her biological uncle, Sam, introduced us to the creature comforts of day-tripping with an RV.  It really did make things a lot simpler.  On a cloudy, tourist-free day, we could pull right up to the water and park.  We picnicked, made sand castles, attempted to see tide pools (conditions were not so great), and – can you believe it – relaxed.  For real.  It was awesome.  We’re so thrilled that they all get along so well with Evelyn, particularly Sam, who spent much of his day entertaining her.  Enjoy the photos!

Oh.  Yeah.  And let’s all cheer on the Cardinals.   🙂

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