Team Oberdeck

Salad Party

One thing I love about Evelyn’s school is that they can make a party out of anything.  For real, yo.  I hear about celebrations all the time.  One of the more recent and fully coordinated (as in parents were even invited) events was the Salad Party, where each child was responsible for bringing in an assigned vegetable, which the class would set up in stations and take turns (Montessori style) prepping them, and on Party Day they’d toss salads together.  The idea was that the hubbub would encourage them to try new vegetables, particularly taking some ownership in their preparation.  Great idea.

We couldn’t make it on Party Day.  I was dubbed Worst Mom Ever.  <<Sigh>>

So, in an attempt to make it up to her, Evelyn and I make a special trip to the Whole Foods bulk salad section and stocked up on some Salad Party ingredients of our own.  She picked them out.  Most were already chopped (Mama’s got things to do, you know), but she could put her spin on them by chopping the pepper smaller or putting them in little bowls.  We even picked some baby carrots from the pitiful garden and even threw together a little fruit salad for variety.  We considered color – texture – food groups – price – the whole gamut and I was amazed at this bright little girl.  We worked all afternoon on our salad party prep and she called Andrew at work to invite him to our own little soiree.  “Daddy, would you like to have a party?  A party for salad?”  “What??”  “A party.  With salad.”  “Um…..OK?”

She didn’t eat much.  She still doesn’t like raw veggies.  She eats most of them cooked a little, but has a hard time with crunch for some reason.  Whatevs.  It’ll come.  I’m always glad to get her in the kitchen and this was an excellent excuse……and a fairly easy dinner, to boot.  SaladParty.09252013 (1) SaladParty.09252013 (2) SaladParty.09252013.2 SaladParty.09252013SaladParty.09252013 (3) SaladParty.09252013 (4) SaladParty.09252013 (5) SaladParty.09252013 (6) SaladParty.09252013 (8) SaladParty.09252013 (9) SaladParty.09252013 (10)

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