Team Oberdeck

Happy Halloween!

Historically I haven’t enjoyed Halloween much.  I never felt like I was creative enough for the costume thing.  Having kids on Halloween, though, is far more fun.  Especially with Pinterest and a mother who sews in my corner….  Seriously, I have no idea what we’re going to do next year.  It’s gonna have to be pretty good….

It’s been a full week of Halloween fun around here.  We started last weekend with the Pumpkin Bash at the zoo – various animals are given pumpkins or other goodies throughout the day, like the Grizzlies get a Jack’O’Lantern stuffed with raw meat tossed into the pen, while the children watch them play with the pumpkin.  The Orangutans got goodie bags full of veggies and bananas to rip into.  Super fun…..I didn’t get to see much, being in the back with the stroller, but Evelyn tells me it was fun.  Happily, in true Seattle fashion, the only “candy” given out at the whole event were a few little organic candies and Kids Cliff Bars.

She also wore her costume to Ballet, but I didn’t get any pictures (she was in the very trustworthy hands of a friend that afternoon).  Wednesday we had a party at Play Group, then Thursday was packed with a school party in the morning and trick or treating at the outdoor mall near our neighborhood in the early evening.  We opted for it because this is our first Halloween in our neighborhood and we weren’t sure of the protocol…..I didn’t want Evelyn to miss out if there wasn’t candy to be had that night.  Thankfully our evening was capped off with fantastic real  Trick Or Treating in our neighborhood – after dark, with Jack’o’Lanterns on porches and parents huddled on the sidewalk over cocoa (or so they tell the children), kids leaping through leaves in the lawns and shrieking when my cat appears out of “nowhere”.  (He has a bell.  Come on.)  Andrew and Evelyn took to the pavement while Claire and I handed out candy.  It was pretty much the only time Claire wore her costume, but we had a great time greeting the big(ger) kiddos and passing out the loot.

Gotta admit.  I’ve had a great Halloween.  Happy StartOfThe HolidaySeason from our little goblins!

PS.  Our cat loves pixie stix.  WHAT??

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