Team Oberdeck

Just Things.

The children were snuggled like bugs in their beds…..the adults were chatting…..and the cat was purring on Andrew’s lap – – – – when what to our wondering eyes should appear – – – –

But a collapsing Christmas Tree.

photo 1

I must say, I’m still a bit befuddled as to what happened.  We think it was a combination of a faulty tree stand and small children “rearranging” the ornaments on the bottom of the tree all day long.  I tend to leave the bottom full of non-sentimentals for just such a purpose….the tree should belong to everyone in my opinion……but it seems it backfired on me this year.

In total, we lost some “pretty” ornaments (ones that just look nice but have no real sentimental value) and a small handful of memory-types.  The toughest losses were two ornaments from my Brides First Box of Ornaments that my Aunt gave me at my bridal shower and a tiny one that my Mogo painted years ago.

Still.  It’s a very tangible reminder that the magic of Christmas is not in the Things.  It’s in the people.  For the rest of our lives, Andrew and I will get to say, “Hey – remember that year that the tree fell over?”  And laugh.  And remember how my brother-in-law helped sort through the shards for salvageable ornaments. And how my sister-in-law kept the baby occupied and out of the wreckage.  How our children, who were adamantly boycotting sleep that week, managed to snooze through that ruckus. And how we all blamed the cat, who was sleeping and no where near the scene of the crime.  Even if I replace my San Francisco Trolley ornament or my Grand Canyon clay press ornament, I will look at them and think not of the trips, but of the mementos lost to the wobbly tree.  Memories.  Good – bad – laughing or crying – they’re all just moments in time for us to share with each other.

Wishing you more laughter than tears this holiday season….but mostly that they are shared all shared with loved ones.

Our tree is back up. No ornaments yet – we need a grace period – and I’ve used extra precautions this time.


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