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Another one for the books.

My last post was about unintentionally making memories.  We’ve certainly made a few these past weeks.  There was one really good story that I’ll keep with me for awhile, though…..

Andrew has two sisters – one lives in the area, the other in the Midwest.  So, when we were all to be in town for the week, the local sibling organized babysitters so the adults could all go out for a night.  It was awesome – we left our girls in overly qualified hands to have tasty drinks with grown up food at a restaurant that’s been on our list for awhile.  Super happy.  But, after a few days of company and a really nasty head cold, we were also super tired and called it a night on the early side.

When we got in, we found our babysitter banging on a wall-mounted heat register with one hand while trying to shoo the cat outside with the other.  It seems that when she’d let Frankie in that night, per his usual, she didn’t notice until too late that he had a mouse in his mouth….and that it was still alive.

We paid the babysitter a bit extra and sent her home, then rolled up our sleeves and tried to catch a mouse.  It ran all over the place, with Andrew chasing it – the cat looking stupidly in the wrong direction – and me jumping on furniture yelling, “There!!!  There it is!!!!   GO GET IT!!!”   I’m very helpful, I know, you don’t need to tell me.

Eventually Andrew trapped in the girls’ bathroom and we shoved Frankie in after it.  Then the squeaking started.  And kept going.  And kept going.  Ugh.  I couldn’t stand it.  Cats are just vicious.  So, armed with gloves, a bucket and a big piece of cardboard, I sent Andrew in and guarded the door.  A skirmish was heard, but he came out victorious.  One giant, fat, survivor of a mouse was released into the alley that night.  And, again, Andrew and I will forever get to say to each other, “Remember that time when Frankie brought the mouse into the house?”  These are the days, people.  Carpe Diem.

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