Team Oberdeck

Claire’s Baptism

I’m reaching way back here – all the way to October – and posting a few photos from Claire’s baptism.  We were so excited that many out-of-state friends & family were able to be in attendance.  It was pretty astonishing, truthfully.  While we did try to work around the Godparents’ schedules, we didn’t expect our parents to make it out.  Added bonus 🙂

Due to the untraditional (though more increasingly common) nature of both of our children coming into our family, we have had utilized the GodParent role as a special Thank You to individuals or couples who have really seen us through some tough waiting.  I’m so happy with the GodParents for both of our girls.  Erica, Colleen, and Brad (& Christy) have been solid rocks for us through the whole adoption process, whether listening to me vent or keeping me motivated or housing us and trusting us to work through the initial phases of the adoption agency protocol…..which were NOT pretty.

While we celebrated Claire on her baptism day, it was also a time to celebrate the finalization of her adoption – to celebrate the conclusion of our first year in Seattle – and celebrate Andrew’s birthday – and to celebrate the love that we have in our family and friends.  What a great weekend it was – thank you to all who support us, both near and far.  A special thanks to Colleen & Erica for sharing your photos with me.  Almost ALL of these are yours.  I’m so grateful!!

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