Team Oberdeck

Retroactive Pumpkin Patch

Right………if you haven’t noticed, I’m taking advantage of my family being sick to sort through the digital mounds of photographs cluttering up my desktop.  It was overwhelming…..but I’m getting through them 🙂

We had a chance to go to three different pumpkin patches this year.  What a season!  Let me tell you – no one needs to go to three pumpkin patches.  I need to learn more effective ways to tell my kid, “Sorry, but we can’t make that event.”

Who am I kidding?!

Being on my own with both girls at a very muddy patch, I didn’t get many photos from the school field trip.  Oh yeah.  And one of us was sick, so we were also late. But that’s something else altogether.  This patch was really interesting.  Located in Edmonds, it’s not far from the city – almost tucked right into a subdivision.  I would never have looked for a pumpkin patch there.  The women working that morning were busily ushering classes through in a systematic way.  Step 1:  Get pumpkin.  Step 2:  See animals.  Step 3:  Walk through gardens.  Step 4:  Mosey on your way.  The gardens were really interesting and the animals were a hit with the kids, but I wasn’t such a fan of the massive organization.  I’m more in the “explore as you will” boat.  It’s perfect for school groups, though.

For a lovely day trip while my mom was still in town, we popped out to Redmond to the pumpkin patch we visited last year.  It’s pretty much equidistant to Tim & Deary, and we were happy to have them join us, too.  The original plan was to see salmon spawning in the river, but due to sickness & cold & a general lack of Get Up & Go that day, we opted for the pumpkin patch.  It was as great as I remembered – very low u-pick prices, plenty of pumpkin options, a few little games to play but not too many, and a Maize Maze.

Don’t ever let a 4 year old guide you through a Maize Maze.  Or do…..but plan an extra hour on your trip.

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