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EMP: Experiencing Music

So – going back in time again – I thought I’d post some pictures from a trip to the EMP in Seattle Center.  The Experience Music Project is this crazy looking building right below the Space Needle – it’s impossible to miss – and is geared toward… guessed it…

To be honest, I hadn’t heard great things about taking kids to the museum.  With some friends in town who are music fanatics and a special exhibition for Kurt Cobain running, it was time to check it out.

We all had a great time, from my parents to the One & Under crowd.  There’s an entire floor dedicated to making music and demonstrating how it’s recorded.  The kids got to play guitar – learn keyboard – drum (a definitive favorite) and sing.  Had we waited in the short line, they could have been their own little band.  Strap some ginormous headphones on my oldest and put her in front of a microphone and she’ll serenade you with Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells for hours.  Even in October.  <I consider this a great thing….recognizing that other parents might not agree!>

Music isn’t all it had to offer, though.  While we also perused the SciFi and Horror exhibits, with loads of info about cult classics and something to grab the kids’ attention in both genres, The highlight of the trip for me was the area on Fantasy.  Think David Bowie’s costume in Labyrinth.  Think The Princess Bride.  Think of a dragon that – wait for it – moves (!) and a tunnel for kids to climb through.  That was an unexpected boon and I loved it.

Definitely kid friendly and definitely family fun….but do keep an eye on the movies presented on the giant screens.  Our kids found them fascinating….but there was one about dolls that made my skin crawl.  I’m a self-professed chicken, though.  Enjoy 🙂

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