Team Oberdeck


We had our last bunch of visitors out for awhile.  It’s been quite a year of people in and out of the guest room – we had people coming out before we even had all our boxes put away! – and it’s been awesome.  Earlier in January, my parents and sisters came to visit.  My sisters hadn’t been this far West yet and we were so excited that they’d spend some of their precious winter break out here.  We tried to show them some of the best stuff around…..perhaps some day they’ll come back.  😉   I know, I know.  College life is busy.  Truthfully, I’m looking forward to getting back soon and seeing them in their natural habitat…..campus life…..

We had so-so weather – a little bit of all the winter-time options, from rain to fog to sunshine – while they were here.  Still, it was a break from the Vortex of Awfulness that is sitting on the rest of the Midwest right now.  We did some downtown stuff, took a ferry ride, hung out on a beach, took a little driving tour of the city, went snow shoeing, and even took my sisters out for some belated 21st Birthday drinks.  Evelyn got to spend a day with her grandparents, Andrew and I got a reprieve from bedtime with the girls, and my sisters got to wander in the International District on their own for awhile.  A special thanks to Tim & Deary for loaning us a vehicle that seated all of us.  It was spectacular to be able to travel together the whole time and made our excursions SO much easier.  Still, it also reminded me that I am NOT cut out to drive a humongo car like that.  I can when I need to…..but I don’t want to very often…..My little mini-minivan is plenty for me!  It was also really lucky that we finally got some snow the weekend before they arrived.  The mountains have been pretty bare this year – to the point where folks are quite worried – seems it’s all stuck in the Vortex or something.  There was just enough to warrant snow shoes on one of the trails…and the other was spectacular.

Plenty of pics – some from me and some from my sister.  Enjoy 🙂

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