Team Oberdeck

Finger Painting

I have not been so great at activities for the kiddos lately.  It’s true.  Since Christmas, we’ve still be rotating their new goodies out and the girls are content to play with all their new stuff.  I’m amazed – my toys never held my attention for very long, but these two are much more sophisticated than I ever was….seriously.  Since I’ve had my own projects to work on, I’ve been content to let them do their own thing – enjoying how well they play together.  What a gift!

But – I did get an actual activity together the other day.  It was multi-step and worked out pretty well.  Evelyn and I spent Claire’s morning nap cooking up some edible finger paint.  She was really good at measuring and stirring – I guess they’ve been working on that at school.  When Claire got up, they both painted.  I did NOT care for the texture of the paints, unfortunately, and neither did the girls.  We won’t be doing it again, but it was fun to watch Claire get into it.  It seems she’s a “touch it with one finger and wait for it to bite her” kind of explorer.  After a few pokes, she dove in….but she actually didn’t eat it.  Go girl.

Evelyn gave up with it – the stuff just didn’t smear well – and moved on to using old toilet paper cardboard as a stamp with “real” paint.  The painting wasn’t so awesome, but the pictures I took turned out well.  Enjoy 🙂

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