Team Oberdeck


My mom loves to make things.  My girls love to get mail.  Match made in heaven.  Four years ago we were all recovering from a cold – a nasty one for 6-month old Evelyn, and a flat-out annoying one for Andrew and me.  We hunkered down in the freezing Wisconsin winter next to our newly restored fireplace and watched the Opening Ceremonies wearing Team Oberdeck gear.   IMG_0505 IMG_0507

I loved watching the ceremonies as a kid.  I find it fascinating to see how life changes from one Games to the next.  I’ve watched them from different cities – different states – with different family and friends – on vacation – while finishing up papers – the list goes on.

This year the girls are all decked out and headed over to someone else’s house – not having cable inspired me to invite myself over.  Of course.  Evelyn and I have been talking a lot about the torch relay – the medals – the history of the games – and how inspiring it is to see all these countries come together in the name of sport in <relative> peace.  Yes.  I glossed over a lot.  But I think it’s important to focus on some lofty goals of the games, not so much the stuff that boggs us down.

Thanks to my mom for sending up some Sochi gear.  They’re ready for some Olympic Memories of their own (assuming they remember it into next week!).

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