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One Year

I am so busy living my life I don’t really have time to blog about it just yet….but there will come a moment to sort it all through eventually.

At the moment I just can’t stop thinking about the difference a year can make.  Just one little year – but a whole year – it’s all in the perception, right?  Where did it go?  What was life like before?  I can’t even remember.

We just got back from a visit to Milwaukee.  While it was simply wonderful to be among our friends and family – I was even happy to see the snow – our life there feels like a distant memory.  While I marvel at how little Evelyn remembers of her early years, and while it is a bit sad to think of all she doesn’t remember, it’s also astonishing to realize how much of it I’ve forgotten.  Not the people, not the feelings, just the details.  They get muddy over time, whether you move or not.

So – just some photos to remember this past year.  First, here’s a photo of 8:30pm on 21 February 2013:

First family photo as we met Baby Girl, just 1.5 days old

First family photo as we met Baby Girl, just 1.5 days old

And here’s our family at 8:30pm on  21 February 2014:


And here are a few photos – 13, in fact – to remember the first year by.  In looking back through the months I’ve learned three things:  1, my girls have an amazing bond that I hope continues to grow……2, I take a lot of photos of Claire in her high chair………and 3, we are one lucky little bunch.  02222014.001

02222014.002 02222014.003 02222014.004 02222014.005 02222014.006 02222014.007 02222014.008 02222014.009


02222014.01102222014.012So happy birthday to the girl who stole our hearts – who completed our family – who couldn’t have fit our family better if we’d special ordered her.  We love you to bits, Claire Elise!

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