Team Oberdeck

There Are Days…..

There are days like last Saturday……

We went to MusselFest – a happy little outing on Whidbey Island involving some of my favorite things:  ferry boats, island landscape, and shellfish.  All happiness.  And yet…… was one of those days……….when the baby wouldn’t nap, both kids were up waaay to late the night before, neither child would eat, nor would they allow me to eat, and we wound up sitting in a Masonic Lodge for longer than I care to remember putting together a puzzle in the Kid Activity Center.  And rather than be proud of the attention span required for my tot to put together said puzzle, or marvel at how much better the wee one is at walking, or even bother to ask for help or a break from the friends & family we were with (knowing I’d be worried about how the kids were behaving the whole time, unable to shake my funk)…..I only saw the mussels I wasn’t eating, the wine I wasn’t drinking, and the music I wasn’t hearing.  It was a cold day – extremely blustery – and I just kept thinking how nice it would be to go to MusselFest without children.  Then, almost immediately, I feel guilty, because my kids are amazing, and they were actually doing really well for the situation.  Some things are just harder with kids – we do them anyway – I’m still really glad we went – but they are indisputably harder.

Then there are days like yesterday.  Days where I give up on all the ToDos and Should Be Finishings and just stop.  I took the girls down the street to the gigantic park for a walk through the marshy trails.  We brought one of our Christmas gifts – this book of Seattle Birds – and identified all sorts of feathered friends.  We stalked the ducks.  We pet the dogs.  We climbed up hills and wandered much farther than I’d expected, only to get caught in a downpour……which the kids “weathered” just fine.  After a siesta, we went back outside – even though the sun couldn’t decide whether to shine or hide, we played in the sandbox and dug in the dirt.  We redistributed the worms (a vital task, don’t you know) and planted flowers – veggies – and some sticks.  And I just kept thinking……some days are like Saturday.  You want to enjoy them – all the elements are there – but it just doesn’t click.  And that’s OK.  There are always Mondays coming around the corner.

The little old ladies in the grocery store always tell me to “enjoy every minute.”  Geez.  That’s never going to happen.  But I certainly try to enjoy as much as I can.  And that’s enough.


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