Team Oberdeck

Change of Plans

It happens to me all the time. We were supposed to go to a party. Then there was a family day. Then there was a play date. Then there was skiing. And, finally, an hour before getting in the car, plans were finally forged. Geez. I wound up sending Andrew and Evelyn off to their new-found love, the ski slopes, while I hung out with dearest darling Claire. I tried skiing a few weekends ago. My mother always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say I should be quiet… I’ll tell you that the mountains are gorgeous….and now I will shut my trap on that subject.

My day started out rough – very little sleep, no coffee on hand, both girls up earlier than normal, and an indecisive Andrew still mulling over options. About ten minutes after the Ski Contingent left, Claire fell and gave herself a huge bruise right under her eye. Bang up start to the day for sure.

But we rallied. I found some coffee while Claire napped and rested myself. We got in a solid lunch and managed to straighten up the house before catching the bus downtown. Claire loves the bus. We wandered through Westlake, just people watching, then hopped on the monorail to Seattle Center on a whim and wound up with an amazing day – just my littlest and me.



From there we stayed outside, mostly, enjoying the dancing fountains and gardens and greens. Claire loves water and kiddos and dogs, so it was pretty perfect.







We munched through the French Festival and shook our bootys (more Claire than me, truthfully) to some live music.   The croissants were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.



Then I indulged in an attraction that been on my List for over a year: Chihuly Glass & Garden. Turns out Claire loved the colorful exhibits as much as me, pointing and dancing in her little seat.












We topped off our day with some more people watching, the rides home, and a lovely Dinner For Two of greens with cheesy bread 🙂






It was great to spend the day with my wee one. I had forgotten how much simpler it is with one. How much less stuff. How much more attention I could give. How I could even squeeze small moments in for me – like for grabbing pics as we went through the day.  Two is great, certainly, but one – especially one who doesn’t want to walk all the time yet – was definitely a nice change of pace.

Also, today I remembered that, deep down, I am a city girl. Landscapes rejuvenate me, but bustling streets make me feel connected in a very important way. I love people watching. I love that we have SO many incredible opportunities at our fingertips – museums, festivals, gardens, food, culture, and countless chances to see the world in new ways.

And I was glad that my company didn’t have the ability to express quite as many opinions as her older counterpart. I’ll be honest.

Looking forward to more days like this with Claire as she develops ways to ask questions and insert her own thoughts more….one on one time is so precious.

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