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If there’s one thing my Midwestern self brings to my Northwestern life, it’s an appreciation for the weather. Yes, it’s cloudy. Often. Yes, it rains. Usually. (As I type, even.) No need for that to stop me.

Now that Claire is so mobile and inquisitive, it’s far easier to be outside than at home. Evelyn, too, has had a spring-induced increase in energy. Unfortunately, I might be the only parent on the planet who dislikes the playground. We go – don’t get me wrong – but I groan inwardly. To be honest, I find them rife with parental judging and near-death experiences for my youngest, as neither of my girls as much fear. I’d far rather them climb rocks and wade through trails than worry about them jumping on top of an unsuspecting tot….and I’m much more engaged in an open park than on a playground. More fodder for my own imagination, if you will.

Hence, Evelyn will tell you, Daddy is far more fun at the playground. Mama likes walks.

We took a new-to-us trail at the park down the street recently. The park was a naval base in the 60s but is now reclaimed marshland. We brought a Christmas present – a book of local birds – and wandered through the marsh. It opened up and poured before we got to the car, but in a telling statement, Evelyn commented on how the ducks must love this weather. I took some lovely snaps, so I wanted to share.













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