Team Oberdeck

A month in photos…..

I have been TERRIBLE about blogging lately.  I’ve been flooded with blogs on my Facebook feed – – – – everyone and their sink’s opinion about how “screen time” is terrible / essential for our children, what to feed them – how to organize their days – how to teach them to be brave / cautious / humble / confident – how to get them to eat – how to avoid arguments with a preschooler (what?!?) – about how gluten and sugar and cow’s milk and tomatoes are all from the devil, but also how your child will become ill without them – all the way down to what to say to them so they’ll be successful people. I’m blogged out.  Me and my opinions need some quiet time.  I don’t read anything anymore.  I’m retreating to my Anne of Green Gables for awhile. Thus, you get a lovely little post with just pictures & some captions.  That’s all you’re really after anyway, right?  Please enjoy some photos of my happy, healthy, seemingly well-adjusted children making their magical way through reality.  And the cat.  He’s in here, too.  🙂


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