Team Oberdeck

Golden Gardens

I’m coming back from my snarky kick, slowly.  It happens sometimes.

More pics of my children having fun – – – – coming your way.

We’re enjoying Spring here at the moment – it’s been a really wet March – record setting, I think – but when it’s not raining, it’s beautiful.  We joined some friends at the beach recently.  Golden Gardens has about the only sandy-ish beach around.  There’s still a ton of rocks, but truthfully, I far prefer a rocky beach to a sandy one.  1:  Rocky beaches are in places that are far less likely to require swim suits  2: Rocks don’t travel to uncomfortable places inside your clothes 3:  Rocks come out of cars without purchasing a detailing package.  4: Claire doesn’t ingest as many rocks.  Some, probably (let’s be honest), but far FAR less.


It was sandy and breezy and awesome.  The Olympics were showing off their snow-capped glory across the Sound and the sailboats bobbed along with the waves.  The girls love the water and buckets and shovels and their friends.  I was happy to have coffee and my friends and actually – seriously – broke out the big camera for the day.  It’d been awhile.  Enjoy!

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