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I just love spring in Seattle.  It’s predictable – to an extent – you can be sure it will rain at some point, but it’s often lovely the rest of the day.  There’s often a brisk breeze, but chasing after the sun breaks will warm you up nicely….along with a steaming cuppa.  (SideNote:  Autocorrect changes my “cuppas” to “culpas”.  Thanks for that, AC.)  And, truthfully, I’ve really embraced the rainy afternoons.  I find them calming….and I need more calming influences in my life.

A few weeks ago we were up near 70 degrees!!  We needed sunscreen!  During one of Mother Nature’s rare whims, we pulled out the sidewalk paint, invited over some friends, and took a lovely walk along the trail.  The babies painted the grass – their toes – each other – Claire even experimented with dandelion paint brushes….before she tried to eat them.  My good friend and I got to enjoy good company in the warm sun.  The best. things. ever.

I’ve got lots of great spring-y pictures coming….it’s taken me a long time to get them uploaded lately.  My memory cards and my laundry room often bear the brunt when things get busy.  It could be worse.

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