Team Oberdeck

Why I Blog

I do not blog to make my life feel perfect.

I do not blog to boast about how awesome everything can appear when I edit all my own photographs.

I do not blog to shame others.

I do not blog to inspire others.

I blog to remember.

These two tidbits came across my desk this week.  I loved them both.  First this Video.  Let’s remember – more important than the photo is actually making the memory.  I often fall into the trap of taking so many photos that I completely miss out on participating.  It was an epidemic about two years ago.  I’ve since learned to leave the camera at home sometimes – even when going to really beautiful places – because other things are just more important.  (it’s still hard)

And then there was this:


So simple.  SO true.  Taking that extra minute to stop and appreciate – it’s really hard in the bustle.  That’s why I blog.  To focus on the good.  To spin frustration into positive energy.  I have a short memory and even shorter attention span.  Putting these things down helps me reflect and enjoy.  I have my struggles and problems – certainly.  But life is good – it’s even better when you choose to see positive – joy has the power to seep in everywhere.

And it doesn’t hurt for keeping family up to date on the girls’ without (further) blowing up Facebook.  No one needs to see 93 photos from my trip to the park on their newsfeed.  If you choose to navigate all the way to my blog – – – fair game – – –

Happy weekend to you, reader.  I hope it’s full of good things.

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