Team Oberdeck

The Empty Pot

Evelyn had her Spring Play earlier in April.  She was a narrator – which was was thrilled about, until she realized it meant she didn’t get a special costume.  Bummer.  She prodded me for a “fancy dress” when meeting up with Andrew one evening near his office…..specifically, a gold dress with pink polka dots.  Riiiiight.

We found a pretty nice little dress on clearance.  It DID have pink polka dots.

She has since sworn off wearing all dresses.  They itch.

I’m pretty sure all pre-school functions share the same “herding cats” mentality, but this one was the most streamlined they’d had yet.  I remembered to feed my children before attending the potluck meal, ensuring that they had something in their tummies while they ran around avoiding food.  Some battles are futile.  The kids did an amazing job with their lines from “The Empty Pot”….but as they are all 3-5 year olds, I have no idea what happened in these story.  The lines were flawlessly recited, in childhood lisps through a microphone, for unending unintelligible sweetness.

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